Vol: 15 No: 39 September 17, 2008


Hot Mama

By Rosette Royale / Interim Editor

Like any mother, author and radio personality Sandra Tsing Loh wanted her kids to go to a good school. Then she found out how much it costs. (Read more...)

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Homeless face hurdle of confusing voter registration form

By Cydney Gillis / Staff Reporter

A street corner can serve as a home address. (Read more...)

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Fifty million Indian women missing

via: Ciara Leeming, Street News Service

An author starts her own campaign to tally the consequences of gender-based violence. (Read more...)

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Community & Editorial

Nickelsville is necessary

By Anitra Freeman / Guest Writer
and Joe Martin / Contributing Writer

Why wait? We're gathering together now for a safe, dignified solution to the housing crisis. (Read more...)

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Turning it around

By Cydney Gillis / Staff Reporter

"Interrupting" gang membership is the goal of new Rainier Beach non-profits. (Read more...)

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UW: Committee sweated

By Adam Hyla / Editor

(Read more...)

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Arts & Entertainment

Poetry, firmly in its Golden Age

By Elliott Bronstein / Contributing Writer

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