September 3, 2014
Vol: 21 No: 36


Special Report: Speaking out

By Aaron Burkhalter / Staff Reporter

Residents speak out about the proposed SHA rent hikes

High Point residents gather to meet with Real Change

Photo by Alex Garland / Contributing Photographer

Anisa, at risk of homelessness if SHA's proposed changes go into effect

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Seattle Housing Authority residents worry about supporting their children - including Anisa, who lives at High Point - if the agency increases the rent.

High Point residents gathered to talk about their concerns with Seattle Housing Authority’s “Stepping Forward” program. High Point resident Safiya Omar, pictured in the center of the group with glasses, said her phone has been ringing every day since Seattle Housing Authority announced the proposed program. Many of her neighbors at High Point in West Seattle are immigrants and refugees.

Madina Mohamed, 28, and her daughter Mantas live at High Point, a mixed-income Seattle Housing Authority neighborhood in West Seattle. Mohamed worries that she and her husband might not be able to afford their rent if the Seattle Housing Authority implements the “Stepping Forward” program.

Hawa Mohamed, 44, another High Point resident, said she wasn’t able to sleep after attending a meeting of the Yesler Terrace Leadership Council where she learned about the new proposal.

The Yesler Terrace Leadership Council - including Halima Jaaso, 52, (left) Abdisalan Abdulle, 32 (center) and Asha Amed, 81 (right) - decided at a meeting Aug 26 to protest a Seattle Housing Authority proposal to set flat rents what will gradually increase over the course of six years. Called “Stepping Forward,” the program applies to “work able” residents; seniors and people with disabilities are exempt.
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Addendum to Special Report: Community Action
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