July 23, 2014
Vol: 21 No: 30

Community & Editorial

Fare is fair

Letter to the editor from Martin Paup / Seattle

Illustration and response by Peter Orr, author of Metro Fare

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I found the “Metro Fare” ‘comic strip’ in the July 9 issue offensive.

Wife and I regularly travel by Metro Bus and light rail and we have found Fare Checkers correct and cordial. We have also witnessed non-paying passengers evicted and when approached by a different officer, at least one scuffled with the cop who apparently was trying to question him and possibly detain him.

The scofflaw then pulled a look-alike pellet gun and put [it] on the officer’s head, who [was] then shot by the officer.

All caught on video.

Tragic situation but can be avoided by PAYING YOUR FARE!

Martin Paup |  Seattle



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