April 2, 2014
Vol: 21 No: 14

Community & Editorial

Marvin’s moment

By RC Staff

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Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, top, hugs Real Change Vendor Marvin Gnad at a going-away party she organized for Marvin on March 28 at First United Methodist Church. Bottom photo: Marvin shared a laugh with well-wishers who came to celebrate his “retirement” from Real Change and his relocation to his native Kansas. For nearly seven years, Marvin has sold Real Change, saving up money to pay off his debts. Now that he’s accomplished that, he looks forward to reuniting with family in Kansas, where he plans to slip on his bunny slippers and sit back in front of the TV to take a break. We say he’s earned it.

Photos by Amy Roe and Magan Do



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