February 6, 2013
Vol: 20 No: 6

Letters to the Editor

Come on in, the water’s oppressive

By Elizabeth Anderson, Seattle

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I read your article regarding women-only swim times (“Women-only swims draw crowds but face challenges,” RC, June 29, 2011) the same day that women were given the right to hold combat positions in the Army and Marines. I see this as a paradox. On one hand we are moving forward and giving women civil rights and on the other hand moving backwards and allowing oppressive cultural practices to become normal. I completely understand the religious need for women to want to swim alone and think as a society we should respect that and offer these swim times. However, the reason that women need or want to swim alone is the same reason why women were kept out of combat roles — the patriarchal oppression of women. Until we combat the oppression of women worldwide we will never reach full equality.  We are making strides but have a long way to go.



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