December 5, 2012
Vol: 19 No: 49

Dr. Wes

Hey, what’s that, up ahead? A fiscal cliff? Well, don’t worry. Just avert your gaze

By Dr. Wes Browning

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Just in time for this writing, Palestine has been upgraded from UN Observer Entity to UN Observer State. The big surprise to me is that they were an observer entity all this time. Who authorized that? The American people aren’t an observer entity, and we’ve had a government in the Security Council since 1946.

It’s a good thing we aren’t an observer entity, because we’re about to be shoved off a fiscal cliff, and none of us wants to take our blinders off at a time like that.

I’m really glad that the news surrounding the fiscal cliff doesn’t go into details about what will happen if sequestration sets in, and the government starts seizing property. If they did I would just have to loudly sing, “La la la la la.”

The main thing I don’t want to know about is how sequestration might affect subsidized housing. It’s not only that I am, myself, in subsidized housing, but I have some knowledge of the nature of the urban environment and how precarious it is. And I know that if Housing and Urban Development funding, which has been under siege since the Reagan administration, takes yet another hit, there are going to be masses of homeless people in this country the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 1830s. (Those were Native Americans; these will be everyone.)

I just hope when there’s twice as many homeless people, including me, in the streets on account of all this, housed Americans will give us all a thumbs up and an earnest thank you for taking it on the chin in the name of saving their deficit. I hope they don’t get all worked up about the correspondingly sky high unemployment. I mean, they’ll have their houses, right up until when the mortgage is due, thanks to the sacrifices of the rest of us. For a couple of months, maybe.

No, it’s wonderful I can’t see any of that coming. I’m a little concerned that my elected representatives can’t seem to see any of it coming either, since they’re supposed to be driving, but I guess I have to accept this as the price you pay for peace of mind.

Peace of mind is exactly what I have when I think of the effects of cuts to education spending. Ha, ha: cuts to what education spending? There hasn’t been any spending lately to cut. And who needs education? Our kids would just know more stuff, and then they’d only turn around and tell us some of it. That’s precisely what we don’t want!

I don’t want to know how cuts in health programs are going to affect me personally. I have thought about such things in the past, and it was never pretty. There were splints involved and nasty surgical procedures without anesthetic, and there were odd colorations of body products, and I can’t tell you what all I thought about that could go wrong. But I’m sure you have enough ideas of your own, and you know as well as I do why it’s best you stop thinking right this moment about all of them.

Don’t think, either, about the hit the Homeland Security budget could take as a result of us careening off the fiscal cliff. Remember how crucial it was Homeland Security got funded so the terrorists couldn’t come and kill us all? After January 2, terrorists will be that much better able to come and kill us all. How much better is that much better? I don’t want to know.

All the cuts in government spending while we’re still in a recession will make the recession worse, resulting in lowered incomes, hence lower taxes, hence more recession, which will force more cuts, while doing nothing for the deficit that was supposed to be the problem causing all this. But I don’t want to know any of that.

The cuts will be federal, but the impacts will be local. They will undercut state, county and city revenue sources. Don’t look!



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