October 31, 2012
Vol: 19 No: 44



By Amy Roe / Editor

Graphics by Jon Williams and Peter Orr

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Although they often slip by unnoticed by Real Change readers, Editorial Committee members are with us every week.  They act as advisors to the newspaper, suggesting story ideas and critiquing our coverage, especially when it pertains to poverty, housing and social services.  At least one member of the committee attends our weekly news meetings, where we plan the upcoming issue.  At election time, the Editorial Committee performs a special role. Laws governing nonprofits allow Real Change to endorse ballot measures, but not candidates. On behalf of Real Change, the Editorial Committee came up with these endorsements.  The Real Change Editorial Committee is comprised of low-income people, including some who have experienced homelessness.  Those who participate are often current or former Real Change vendors, although this is not a requirement.  Some have agreed to allow us to publish their names, which are listed on the masthead on page two.  Earlier this month, I sat down with some members of the Editorial Committee as they considered the following measures and took notes on their debate. What follows is Real Change‚Äôs take on how you should vote.

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