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Marvin Hammerman Mystery, Part 1

posted by Jenn Pearson on Tuesday, February 14 at 12:58pm

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This is Part 1 of a story written by long-time Real Change vendor, August Mallory. It is reprinted with his permission.

Marvin Hammerman Mystery, Part 1
By August H. Mallory

As a chilly windy, and rainy day hovers over the seattle king county area, police have been called to the pioneer square area in downtown seattle, the body of a homeless man has been discovered, according to his ID his name is Roy Johnson 53 years of age, people are gathered around to view the body from a short distance,... the killer is amongst those who are watching, it looks as the Roy Johnson was striken several times with a blunt object to his head, his ID states that he is from Madison Wisconsin, and he has a shelter ID that states he is staying at a local shelter in downtown, as the crowd mingles around to see the body, the killer paces back and forth trying to figure out his next move. Detective John Brennan with the SPD major crime task force. contacts the seattle union gospel mission’s executive director to tell him the terrible news, meanwhile the killer decides to leave the scene, and make his way north to the seattle space needle, RRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNGG’ seattle union gospel mission may I help you. yes I am Detective John Brennan Seattle Police Department, may I speak with your Director please, please standby I will transfer you, this is Danny Garrett’ Mr Garrett I’m Detective John Brennan I am afraid I have some bad news for you. as the news of Roy Johnson’s murder given to Danny Garrett’ garrett is sickened by what he is hearing,
Garrett must now contact the next of kin to tell them the horrifying news,
meanwhile the killer is roaming about the streets of seattle in his crazed mental state he stops and yells at oncoming traffic and then runs down various streets and alleyways, back at the union gospel mission, Danny Garrett contacts the legal office at the mission, they give him the name of Marvin Hammerman a prosecuting attorney who investigates crimes against homeless people.

End of part 1
Coming up in part 2, Hammerman join forces with Private Investigator Russell Jamison and they go undercover to flush out the killer of Roy Johnson.


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