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"A grassroots organization is independent: no one source of money is of ultimate importance to that group. If a person or corporation says, 'We don't like what you are doing and we don't want to fund you anymore,' the nonprofit can say, 'We are sorry to hear that and we will miss you.' The nonprofit will not say, 'Oh no! Don't leave! We will change what we are doing to please you!" -Kim Klein

Real Change thanks the 1000+ people in 2009 that formed our truly grassroots base. Due to this support, we are able to be independent and deliver the quality journalism, respectful vendor services and fearless advocacy that our donors invested in with every dollar. Individual support accounts for 67% of the Real Change budget and it allows us to help nearly 400 vendors combine to earn over $1,000,000 in crucial personal income.

Thanks to the support of hundreds during the Winter Fund Drive, we are thrilled and humbled to announce that we have exceeded our goal for our year end fundraising drive. More than $167,000 has been raised in a little over 8 weeks. For the 2009 year, nearly $490,000 was raised from individuals and events.

A vendor dropped off $1 and a Christmas card; a totally anonymous donor mails in an unmarked money order for $6000; a ferry boat commuter sends in $160 with a note expressing her wish that she could have given us $160K; a couple reads the paper for the first time and walks in a check on New Year's Eve. Little by little, drop by drop, small and large donations added up to a big finish for Real Change's 2009 Winter Fund Drive. We continue to be amazed by the depth and diversity of support for Real Change in Seattle.

This success means we have started 2010 renewed and ready to go. Thank you.

Please join Real Change in thanking the RealNetwork Foundation for a $10,000 grant received 2/18.

We love in-kind donations but we only have so much room and so much capacity to store and distribute things efficiently.  Thank you for understanding the update below.

In-Kind Donation Needs:

Real Change is no longer accepting unsolicited in-kind donations that are not approved in advance (except for food). We do not have staff and volunteer time or sufficient space to adequately sort and store unsolicited donated items year round, and we don’t want to pass on potentially unclean clothing or bedding to Real Change vendors.  If you have questions about donations or want to see if we have a current need for an item you have in mind, please contact the Development Manager, Kathleen Porch, at 206-441-3247 x201.

We do have a small list of items we are in need of at this time for 2010:

Name badge supplies
Microwave Oven
Large Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
New Socks
Label Maker
10-Key Printing Calculator
Used, working condition point and shoot type digital camera for vendor staff

Food: We will continue to accept perishable, non-spoiled, food and drink items that are brought into Real Change before noon, Monday-Friday for the immediate consumption of Real Change vendors. 

Computer/Technology Donations: Real Change uses Macintosh computers.  Due to the need for functional systems we can only accept used computer donations which fit in our current needs and software titles we need for the production of the paper and general office work.  We presently can accept used but working Apple G5 Power PC or Intel based machines.  Software needs include Adobe CS3 and MS Office for Mac. If you have a piece of equipment or a software title you want Real Change to have, please contact us and see if it fits with our current needs. 

Donation Form:
Download a donation form: Click here

Donation Contact Information:
Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project
96 S Main St. Seattle | Send Mail To: 219 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 Suite 220
Kathleen Porch
Development Manager
Ph: (206) 441-3247 x.201
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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